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Using Pcysh is really easy. You can download Pcysh here.

    Basic Use

Pcysh is an addicting and fun word game. The goal of Pcysh is to correctly spell as many five letter words as possible. All you need to do is open the app, hit start and have fun.


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     Brief overview of Pcysh

When you launch “Pcysh” you will presented with a start-up page. On this page there are the most recent scores, a “Start!” button, your selected difficulty, and the tab bar. The tab bar at the bottom of the screen allows you to access the “Game,” your “High Scores,” and “Options.” When you tap the “Start!” button the game will begin. When you start your the game there will be some letters that you can tap on. Above the letters there will be the word you are spelling. There will be a “-” for every letter that still needs to be spelled. In the top right there will be four buttons. One of these buttons is titled “Skip.” The skip button allows you to skip the word you are currently trying to spell. There is also a “Pause” button which allows you to pause the current game. Another button says “Hint” on it. This shows you the next correct letter of the word you are spelling. Don’t be wasteful; you are limited to 25 hints in each game. The last button says “Power-Ups.” This allows you to access a menu which lets you to use either freezes or doubles. Below the letters there are two buttons which will only appear after you have started entering a word. One says “Reset”. This clears all of the letters that you have entered. The other is “Backspace” which clears the last letter you entered. Using backspace or reset will not clear letters discovered using hints.


Freezes will stop the clock from counting down for twenty seconds. If you use more than one freeze at a time they will add together to give you even more time. Doubles will make you earn double points for all the words you spell in ten seconds. These power-ups will not penalize your score or achievements. You are limited to using a maximum of five power-ups during a single game.

     High Scores

When you tap on the “High Scores” tab on the bottom of the screen you can see your ten highest scores. You can also see your longest streak and the most words you got correct in one game. In this tab there is also a button to tweet your high score. You can also access the worldwide leader-boards and your personal achievements from Game Center you have earned with this tab.


The “Options” tab allows you to access a page that can change how difficult the game is. It also has lets you access the “Power-Up Store,” which allows you to exchange your coins for power-ups and hints. The store to buy coins or Ad Removal are also in this tab. There are also basic instructions available from this page.


In Pcysh you are scored on how many words you can spell. On “Wimpy” difficulty you get 25 points for every word, in “Easy” you get 50 points, 100 points for “So-So,” and 400 points for “Hard.” You lose 75 points for each skip you use, regardless of difficulty level. Hints and power-ups are designed to help you and will not affect your score in a negative manner. Your score is displayed during the game in the upper left-hand corner. It will flash green when you gain points and red when you lose them.


Every game starts with 120 seconds on the clock. Time constantly ticks down once every second, unless you activate a feeze. If you are playing on hard difficulty, three seconds are added to the clock whenever you correctly spell a word. You can see how much time you have remaining during the game in the upper left-hand side of the screen.

     Get Coins/Ad removal

In order to get hints and power-ups you need to exchange coins for them. You earn three coins from each achievement you complete. You can also buy hints in the In-App store. In the “Option” tab you can tap on the button saying “Buy Coins or Ad Removal” in order to bring you the the In-App Store. Within this store you can tap on the “Buy!” buttons on the right to purchase the corresponding coin amounts or Ad Removal.

     Coin Exchange

To exchange coins for Power-Ups or hints you need to access the “Power-Up Store” from the “Option” menu or from in game by tapping on “Power-Ups” and then “Get more Power-Ups.” In the “Power-Up Store” you can tap the plus sign to get more of the corresponding item. You can undo exchanges by tapping the minus sign. After tapping “Done” you will return to the previous screen and no longer be able to undo exchanges.

     Difficulty Levels

There are four different difficulty levels in Pcysh. They are “Wimpy,” “Easy,” “So-So,” and “Hard.” In “Wimpy” you spell the last two letters of the word, in “Easy” you spell the last three, in “So-So” you spell the last four, and in “Hard” you spell all five letters of the word. You can change the currently selected difficulty in the “Options” tab by tapping on “Change Difficulty.” This will bring you to a new view which allows you to pick your difficulty level.

    Version History:


  1. Support for 64 bit

  2. Support for iOS 11

  3. Support for iPhone X

  4. Bug fixes


• Support for iPhone 5 and iPod touch (5th generation) at full resolution

• Support for iOS 6 (Still works with iOS 5.0, 5.0.1, and 5.1)


• Added support for iPad at full resolution

• Start with all levels unlocked

• Bug fixes and general improvements


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